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Are You Hitting Critical Mass?

  • 24 Mar 2017

It could be time to outsource your pick & pack fulfilment to QMS! 

For any online retail business, it can get to a point where you have too many orders & not enough time in the day to fulfil them.

QMS has found that smart online retailers are always looking to free-up that most important commodity of time to enable them to manage and direct the growth of their business. The move to outsourcing online retail support areas such as storage and Pick & Pack is one of the fastest growing aspects of the market.

Global Companies Outsource Fulfilment

This follows the lead taken by global eCommerce organisations who have been outsourcing fulfilment solutions for decades, enabling them to save money on labour costs, focus on growth & dynamically drive their business and grow their brand.

For successful online retailers, it can only take a short amount of time for a business model to hit its critical mass, especially if it is being run from a limited space such as a spare room or a small office holding. Hitting that crisis point can creep up on you and unknowingly, you are presented with a catch 22 situation where you have too many orders and not enough hours in the day to fulfil them whilst continuing to run your business productively.

But before you drown in elastic bands, postal costs and packaging, seriously consider outsourcing the parts of your business that are taking up all your time and resources. The most time consuming for online retailers being Pick & Pack or order fulfilment.

A Pick & Pack Solution Just For You

QMS brings several decades of experience to their Pick & Pack order fulfilment services which helps our current Pick and Pack clients to focus on building their ranges and consumer proposition. Outsourcing their fulfilment needs to QMS has resulted in giving our clients the flexibility and time to grow.

QMS offers a full support package for the online entrepreneur. We ensure that the key aspects of secure storage, Pick’n’Pack excellence and strong communications and systems free our clients up to do what they do best.  

With a 10,000sq ft. fully monitored 24/365 secure warehouse based just off the A3 in Guildford, the QMS Pick & Pack service can offer the following to any growing online retail business:

  • Easy systems integration - scalable and flexible, quick set-up and management
  • Ability to fulfil single orders, consignments, & pallets
  • A wide understanding of many different market sectors and product types
  • A comprehensive range of competitive postal and courier rates
  • Flexible reporting and stock control to suit your needs

To find out more about our pick & pack fulfilment services and how we can support your eCommerce business, you can get in contact by emailing us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1483 863 300 to speak to one of our team.


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