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QMS Mailing House reaches out to 255,000 people with direct mail campaign

  • 1 Sep 2015

It’s been a busy few months for the mailing house team at Quantum Marketing Services but as usual, we came out on top!

Late last year we were delighted when we received a phone call from one of our clients. We were briefed on an upcoming project requiring our vastly experienced mailing house services – printing, collating and mailing a monthly batch of 20,000 direct mail items for a period of twelve months. Our team of marketing services experts were briefed in readiness to commence this job.

Forward a few weeks and we received another call. Change of plan; the monthly mailings had been cancelled but the client had decided instead to send one mailing of over 255,000 consisting of personalised A4 letters that needed to be matched up with personalised A5 reply cards. So this was over half a million items that needed to be printed, co-ordinated and despatched within a three weeks period. In addition, we were asked to provide data management and mail sort system control - this was to be the biggest job Quantum Marketing Services had ever done!

No need to panic. The team were briefed again, the schedule was updated, and the necessary supplies were brought in – we were ready for business. The best thing about having such an experienced mailing house team is that they don’t let last-minute requests faze them. There was a mood of excitement and pride knowing they were going to be part of the biggest mailing project in nearly 25 years of Quantum Marketing Services’ history.  

This job required a great deal of focus, organisation and dedication – a skillset that was demonstrated by each member of the team. Our nous and knowledge transformed what would have been an impossible task into another successful job for our mailing house.

This mailing was co-ordinated together by our Account Management team, therefore, ensuring a smooth, faultless process.

Efficient and Co-ordinated Mailing House Services

Our years of experience in direct mail meant we yet again provided an excellent collation and fulfilment service to match up the personalised letters with their relevant reply card. Our team were able to carefully manage and despatch the collated personalised items accurately and efficiently. Our Surrey warehouse provided a secure environment for efficient stock control of the letters and reply cards.

We are thrilled with what we have achieved with this massive job – now onto the next!  

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