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The Tale of Quantum Marketing Services' Top Secret Project

  • 13 Dec 2013

It was the fifth night of November, deep in Germany, and as the clock struck midnight the roar of lorries engine’s sounded. As the rain poured from the sky, men dressed in black surreptitiously moved about their lorries checking and checking again the contents inside ensuring no others saw them. Once everything was in place the men swiftly gathered themselves up and left for England.

After their long and arduous journey, they finally arrived in Surrey, England where they reached their final destination – Quantum Marketing Services Headquarters. Here they approached the highly secure warehouse and mailing house where they were to deliver the top-secret contents of their lorries.

The first lorry’s tailgate sprung up to reveal half of the 46 pallets covered in tamper-evident thick plastic. Inside these pallets were 60,000 precious units from one of the biggest automotive companies in the global market. It was then up to the QMS team to look after this precious and highly secretive matter. The pallets were safely stored in the warehouse. Security guards patrolled the area to ensure the secret was kept safe. All authorised persons entering the warehouse had to hand over their electronic devices to be locked away before entering in case they were tempted to leak the secret with the use of today’s technology.

Whilst the 60,000 units were stowed securely away, QMS set out on their other secret mission for this project – using their database management services to manage the secure data for 60,000 letters and to print them in their mailing house. Once completed each unit had a letter placed inside it and was then labelled by hand and finally prepared for dispatch.

Two weeks later the top-secret project was ready to launch in the UK and Ireland. QMS ensured that Royal Mail collected all of the units at once so they were dispatched evenly. The QMS team had successfully delivered on time with the secret kept safe.

Trustworthy Mailing House and Marketing Services

We may not be part of the secret service but Quantum Marketing Services is a trustworthy and highly capable marketing support agency able to deal with large and important projects such as this one. You can rely on us for all your database management, mailing house, warehouse and distribution needs. Mission accomplished. Quantum over and out.

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